Iyonna Woods

Iyonna Woods, MS, MLS(ASCP)SBB, Founder and Vice President of Product Development and Manufacturing at Fancy Free Hair & Skin, earned a variety of degrees and certificates in the field of medical laboratory science. After completing the National Institutes of Health-Department of Transfusion Medicine’s Specialist in Blood Banking certificate program, Iyonna served as a Transfusion Services Specialist for 7 years at the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus. She always had a love for the beauty industry. Iyonna apprenticed as a cosmetologist while studying and worked as a natural hair stylist in a salon and in the entertainment industry.

Fancy Free Hair & Skin is a manifestation of  her science expertise and experience in the beauty industry. Having first hand knowledge of the needs of all types of hair textures, her company creates and manufactures natural hair and skin products for men, women, and children. Iyonna is an educator at heart.  Iyonna has previously taught laboratory skills at Anne Arundel Community College and served on the Advisory Board for University of Maryland-Baltimore School of Medicine. She loves to educate consumers on the benefits of eliminating chemicals from their daily personal care routine. Along with several online articles concerning the harmful effect of chemicals in personal care products, Iyonna has also been published in the American Association of Blood Banking journal, Transfusion, and Advance magazine.

The Fancy Free Internship program is a true testament to her dedication the community, creating an opportunity for high school and college students interested in STEM careers, in an effort to expose interns to another side of science, the "Science of beauty".  She is an active member of the Greater Baltimore Health Improvement Initiative, the Howard Park Civic Community Association, and Links, Inc. She continues to participate in mentoring programs at her Alma Mater, Western High School as well as Coppin State University.

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