Black women are the cornerstone of our families, communities, and cities. Collectively, we have the answers and what we need to thrive. Since forever, we’ve been resourceful, resilient, and creative problem solvers and builders. Black women business owners have the knowledge, skill and opportunity to shift the paradigm for our families and black people around the world. Our businesses are our vehicles. 

Black women own 2.4 million businesses in the United Stated and we are starting businesses at three times the rate of any other group! 

While growing in number and more visible than ever, we have yet to harness our collective power to grow in wealth and influence! black women-owned businesses - 

  • Average annual revenue is nearly 5 times lower than those of all other  women owned businesses

  • Average revenues have dropped 20% since 2007

  • Are mostly solo endeavors with 97% having no employees

Now’s the time for us to change the facts and rewrite the narrative.



The Women Entrepreneur Leadership Lab (The WELL) is a transformative network of black women business owners that facilitates the growth of black-women-owned businesses by fostering community, collaboration, and confidence.

We seek to close the success gaps in black women-owned business by offering a proven continuous improvement approach and safe space for black women business owners to collectively explore and address our unique business challenges while establishing and sharing our own best practices.

The WELL is one part sister circle, one part mastermind, and one part research initiative; all parts love. Thriving is our birthright and together, we will grow our businesses, author our stories, and lead our communities.



The Women Entrepreneur Leadership Lab (The WELL) is a transformative network of black women business owners that facilitates the growth of black-women-owned businesses by fostering community, collaboration, and confidence.



The Women Entrepreneur Leadership Lab (The WELL) will close the success gaps in black women-owned business by offering a proven continuous improvement approach and a safe space for black women business owners to collectively explore and address our unique business challenges while establishing, sharing, and scaling our best practices.




1. Community Building & Networking

Each month we begin our meet-up by fellowshipping and networking over breakfast.

2. Learning

Each quarter business expert(s) on a specific topic join us to share new, relevant, and member requested content on an area of need.

3. Action Planning & Adjusting

Following new content, members engage in an action planning process where each person determines an area of focus for the next month. In the subsequent months of the quarter, we adjust our action plans based on individual and shared wins, challenges and additional needs.

4. Problem of Practice

Members lead and support one another through problem of practice presentations & discussions.  

5. Commitment & Accountability

Members determine commitments for the next month, implement and follow up with accountability partners as agreed.



  • Our Tribe - We all need a village; No one makes it alone.

  • Continuous learning - We learn and grow through authentic and repeated opportunities to learn from others, to take risks, to practice and to get support.

  • Our Flaws - No one has it all together or all figured out. But that doesn’t make us frauds. It makes us human.

  • Representation - We need affirming spaces, faces and experiences.

  • Our Elevation & Success - When black women succeed, we elevate all black people.

  • Our Expertise - Black women possess everything we need to thrive and to uplift communities that thrive.



Our members are black female business owner who -

  • Share our beliefs

  • Desire business growth

  • Earn between $25,000 - $500,000 in annual revenue

  • Desire to be a part of an intimate and sustained community of business owners

  • Have the flexibility and desire actively participate in once a month, half-day session

  • Own a business and or live within the geography of our chapters (Baltimore, MD - Inaugural Chapter)

We accept new members at the start of each quarter. Interested and qualified candidates can apply for membership in one of two ways;

  1. In person at our Quarterly Expansion Event & Networking Night (See ‘Events’ for upcoming dates & location).

  2. Via electronic application available here on the website the last 3 weeks of each quarter.

If you are interested in starting a chapter in your city, please contact us using the form below.


Membership in The WELL is $1,200 per year plus an annual processing fee of $20. Members can pay dues quarterly in the amount of $300 or receive a $50 discount and pay annually in the amount of $1,150.00; plus a one-time $20 annual processing fee.




  • Monthly meet-ups including full catered breakfast, where members convene, present and receive feedback on business challenges, and gain insights from industry experts.

  • Access to any webinars and online learning opportunities offered by The WELL.

  • Our Accountability partner initiative. (Your likelihood of achieving a goal increases to 95% when you have an accountability partner with regular meet-ups).  


  • Profiles of you and your businesses on The WELL's social media channels and website.


  • Discounts on The WELL's events and merchandise.



  • Curated repository of relevant news and business and or networking events.

  • Curated repository of local and national funding opportunities.

  • A holistic weekly member newsletter with featured events and funding opportunities, member spotlights, and motivation and productivity tools.


  • A community of like-minded business women to support you as you grow.

  • Monthly “The WELL Networking Night.”

  • Access to the member's only Slack chat group.

  • Online Member Directory of our members and partners.




Nakeia L. Drummond

Nakeia L. Drummond is results-driven leader, entrepreneur, and educator with 14+ years of project management, strategic planning and change management experience. She views her career as a tapestry of experiences that have unlocked her purpose. In 2015, Nakeia founded NLD Strategic, a management consulting firm that supports strategy development, implementation, and measurement in social impact organizations and businesses.




Taryn Bushrod,

Taryn is a 2018 Forbes Fellow and Baltimore native who graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. In 2017, Taryn launched a platform to help millennials understand their relationship with money and spending habits so they can take control of their finances.

Shannen Coleman-Siciliano, Founding Member

Shannen Coleman Siciliano is a coalition builder, coach, speaker and facilitator. Shannen collaborates to harness the power of for-purpose organizations and individuals. She’s co-managed a statewide education advocacy campaign, coordinated philanthropic learning for education investment opportunities,

Dominique Drummond, Founding Member

A dedicated, hardworking mother of two, Dominique’s enthusiasm, confidence, and drive enables her to rise to any challenge. Dominique's quick success with the top producing Hubble Bisbee Group earned her membership with the Million Dollar Association.


Kellie Finch,

Kellie Finch, owner of KFinch Photography based in Baltimore, MD loves to create memorable moments through photography, She considers herself an artist and the world is her canvas. When people ask what’s the best part about being a photographer, she usually answers with “living in the moments I get to spend with my clients!”


Jasmine Gibson,
Founding Member

Jasmine Gibson is a brand coach and digital marketing strategist in Baltimore, MD. Her marketing and branding expertise spans 5+ years where she has helped brands increase awareness, boost profit, build community and recruit leads. Her work intersects between equity, advancement and advocacy for black women business owners.

Kieta Mpolo Iriarte-Amin, Founding Member

Kieta Mpolo Iriarte-Amin received a B.A. in Mass Communication/ Communication Studies and a M.A. in Nonprofit Management and Women’s Studies both from Towson University. She has also received a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University.


Nia Jones,

Nia Jones is a licensed Social Worker with a passion for organizations and the people that work in them and is the Owner/Operator of On Purpose with Nia LLC- an organization dedicated to empowering small businesses and individuals to grow by promoting 360-degree wholeness through 1:1 consults, training, and project management.

Montique Miller.jpg

Montique Miller,

Montique Miller is a professional makeup artist/small business owner based in Baltimore, Maryland, who began her makeup journey over 10 years ago. Jaded Beauty Makeup Artistry was birthed after the loss of her mother in 2010. Montique found peace in helping others express their inward beauty with makeup artistry.


Jaquetta Olashea,

Jacquetta emerges with passion and professionalism, working diligently to serve and invest in the communities within Baltimore City and the entire state of Maryland. By catering to her clients’ specific needs and preferences, Jacquetta works AGGRESSIVELY to ensure a seamless transition into homeownership for every client.


Latia Parker,

Latia M. Parker is the founder and CEO of Cogency Financial Solutions, LLC, a Baltimore-based financial and accounting company catered to small businesses. Mrs. Parker has been providing financial management services to small businesses in her community and surrounding areas for over 10 years.


Shantell Roberts,

Shantell Roberts is a Social Entrepreneur, advocate for maternal and child health, & Founder of Touching Young Lives, Inc. Her passion for maternal and child health began in 2011 after the untimely death of her one-year old daughter. After suffering this loss, she founded Touching Young Lives, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on the health and well-being of infants and children.

Ashley Rock,
Founding Member

Ashley Nicole Rock, RN MS MBA is a compassionate community servant and visionary who applies her academic background, leadership experience, and innate ability to create partnerships and leverage resources to advance population health. In 2016, Ashley started Above It All Mental Health Services, a mental health and community service agency.


Danyelle Rosebrough,

Danyelle Rosebrough is the founder and CEO of DAR Healthcare Services, LLC, a personal care agency, located in Catonsville, MD. With over 23 years of experience in the medical field, her passion of caring for others is what has driven her to open several healthcare entities, including an assisted living facility, in-home personal care agency, and a full-service adult medical daycare.

Janeen Simon,
Founding Member

Janeen Simon, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and is a graduate of Hampton University. While there she majored in broadcast journalism with a minor in Political Science. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she then obtained a Master’s Degree from Notre Dame of Maryland University with a focus in Contemporary Communications.

Catina Smith,
Founding Member

Catina Smith, or Chef "Cat" as she is called on Baltimore's food scene where she is making a remarkable impact! Chef Cat has had a passion for food since age 10, when she would create elegant meals for her parents. She went on to study culinary arts at Baltimore International College graduating with a degree in professional cooking and later joined the Air Force reserves.

Sam Smith,
Founding Member

Style & Creative Strategist Shena “Sam” Smith is a wife, mother and a creative at heart with an immense passion for empowering the local and global community. Intrigued by Fashion and design at an early age, Sam’s journey started in front of the camera as a model. Her transition to behind the scenes for wardrobe and costuming began during her undergraduate studies.


Danielle Torain,

Danielle Torain is an independent consultant with 10+ years of management experience in the public, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. Danielle’s practice is centered in equity-based planning, organizational development, design, policy development, practice and group facilitation.

Macee Whitehead,
Founding Member

Macee Whitehead is the Owner and Creative Director of The Carroll School of Dance, Co-Founder of The IT Gurl LLC, Licensed Realtor, and Blogger of MaceeMacee.com. From a young age, Whitehead developed a passion for dance as both an enjoyable pastime as well as a tool to mentor and empower.

Iyonna Woods,
Founding Member

Iyonna Woods, MS, MLS (ASCP) SBB, Founder and Vice President of Product Development and Manufacturing at Fancy Free Hair & Skin, earned a variety of degrees and certificates in the field of medical laboratory science.



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